Resident Match Day!

editor’s note

Editor, The Florida Pediatrician

PUBLISHED SPRING 2023 | Volume 43, Issue 2


Pediatrics had another successful match.

Congratulations to all who matched in pediatrics and welcome to the most rewarding specialty in all of medicine. You, like the rest of us, obviously did not choose pediatrics for financial reasons.  You chose it because you want to do good in the world. You want to help children and families. You are a class by yourself. What you will do in your practice will change the lives of children and families. Not only you will be providing healthcare, but you will bring good health to children. You will be advocates for children and families.

You will have good days and you will have bad days. As long as you focus on the greater good you will have a fulfilling career. Think of pediatrics as more than a profession. Make it your passion, and you will never go to work again. That is how I feel 40 years later. You will achieve tremendous rewards and face many frustrations; every line of work has that. I will guarantee that the rewards are greater than the frustrations and that will keep you going.

Residency is what you make of it. You will learn more during residency than anytime in your professional career. Make the best use of it and enjoy your training. Create memories and make friendships. Yes, there will be many like me who will tell you that you have it easy compared to “when we were residents,” and that is not necessarily a bad thing. To borrow from JFK “Ask not what the residency program can do for you to teach you. Ask what you can learn in your residency.” How much or how little you learn at the end of the day is going to be your gain or your loss.

Pediatricians are unique because we are not only interested in advocating for ourselves; we are also committed to advocating for children and families. Even the name of our professional organization, the Florida Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics (FCAAP) instead of the Florida Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatricians, reflects our commitment to children and families.

To be successful in your advocacy for pediatricians, children, and families, you need a village, and your village is FCAAP. Not only should you become a member of FCAAP, but you should become an active participant. Ask your program directors about FCAAP and how you can become active in FCAAP. You can also reach out to and let the FCAAP know that you want to be active with the chapter. It is your chapter, and you are the future of it.

Lastly, find a mentor who can help and guide you and will be your advocate and advisor throughout your career.

Best of luck!